GBBK Solutions offer clients the necessary ICT Security Solutions to protect and enforce their security levels and allow them to oversee the compliance with security policies within their organizations. Our services encompass the entire security life cycle and offer world class security solutions from our partners with world leading industry security product portfolio which enables clients to enjoy security of their ICT Infrastructures.
  • ICT Security
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Data loss Prevention
  • Encryption Technologies
  • Security Awareness Training
    With over seventy years combined experience of our management team physical security, critical infrastructure protection and antiterrorism, and our participation in homeland and security conferences worldwide we have been able to isolate and partner with leading technologies and providers of fool proof security equipments and solutions, offering our client only what works. We also have the capability of integrating different systems and solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients.
  • Border and Perimeter Protection
  • Access Control (Biometric and Proxy)
  • Surveillance Solutions
  • Tracking Solutions
  • Bullet Resistant Clothing
  • Security Glass Laminate
  • Bullet Resistant Glass
    GBBK Krav Maga is the tactical and combat training arm of GBBK Security group. We utilize the Israeli defence system called Krav Maga (Contact Combat). Krav Maga is the official Israeli defense system and it has already been exported all over the world. It is the now being used by the FBI, US Marines, the GIGN of France, the Nigerian Navy and various a-rated military and paramilitary world-wide. GBBK Krav Maga instructors are Israeli trained.
  • Krav Maga Gym
  • Self Defence Seminars
  • Extreme Weapon Defense Seminars
  • Self Defence and Physical Fitness Boot Camps
  • Venue Security
  • VIP Protection
  • Private Training
  • GBBK K9
    Bearing in mind the cumbersomeness and the very high financial challenge of efficient explosive detectors, GBBK security group began the first private explosive dog detection organization in Nigeria to bring the needed security to the civil society. Our dogs are trained to sniff all available explosive scents and we are dedicated to protecting the public when the military and the paramilitary are not available. Apart from sales and training of explosive detection dogs, We offer the following services.
  • Checkpoint Deployment
  • Venue Sweep
    GBBK Security Academy is the security training arm of GBBK Security group, dedicated to bringing world class security courses to Nigeria. Our courses are internationally certified and our trainers are both locally and internationally trained but with local experience enabling us to localize our courses using known and applicable case studies.
  • security and terrorism awareness training
  • weapon awareness and recognition (including disguised weapons)
  • human and vehicle search techniques + profiling
  • krav Maga (close quarter combat)
  • advance patrol and officer survival training
  • human intelligence for special operations
  • weapon retention training
  • predictive profiling
  • tactical driving training
  • security guard training
  • GBBK Security Consulting
  • Threat evaluation and Risk Management
  • Intelligence Review
  • Threat Assessment
  • Security Survey
  • Security Plan
  • Security Project Management
  • Security Recruitment
  • Investigation Services
  • ...Creating Your Secured World
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